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In Day to Day on January 27, 2013 at 11:07 am

Seeing as the wonderful exhibition Tim Walker: Storyteller finishes today, I thought it was a good time to publish my review of loads of reasons you should go, and just one why you shouldn’t.



You don’t have to be an avid reader of Vogue, or any of the other huge fashion names associated with Walker’s photography to appreciate his brilliant approach, as it’s his creativity and boundless imagination which makes his work so captivating. As well as photographs, of course, the fairly small exhibition features a selection of the huge props he has used over the years, from an insect playing the cello, to a fairly creepy giant doll waving you off as you leave the last room.



Drawing comparison to Annie Leibovitz, his talent lies in creating incredible sets and stories – the photograph merely captures this in a perfect image at the last moment.


Tim Walker insect

In my opinion, it’s his take on Edward Scissorhands and the recurring theme of skeletons that really show how he manages to use some of the more sinister aspects of the world of fantasy to show off beautiful clothes.




And the one reason you shouldn’t go? The Rizzoli gift shop is SO disappointing – for £3 a postcard, I expect at least more than one choice (the Humpty Dumpty image used in all the advertising for the exhibition). Same goes for the posters. With such an incredible range of work on display in the actual exhibition, it would be nice to see some of the same variety in the shop. But that’s it, my only complaint, you should definitely get up and go to the exhibition right now.

They might even reduce that postcard as it’s the last day…


How to enjoy the Thames

In Day to Day on May 27, 2012 at 10:21 pm


Ah, the Thames… I’ve got a massive problem with it.

Featured in so many films as a romantic river, meandering innocently through London, it’s not what it seems. Cutting our city in half, it creates the North/South divide whilst at the same time makes getting from one side to the other at the end of any ‘I’ve-had-a-night-that-lasted-past-the-last-train’ nigh on impossible.

Films particularly guilty of making the one of the country’s dirtiest rivers look more exciting/dramatic/interesting/romantic than it is include Love Actually, James Bond and 28 Days Later. So… how to make the most it?

Here are some photos of what it is not like…

Go to the Southbank and visit the Festival Hall. While you’re there, stop off at Skylon and drink loads of their delicious cocktails. They’re expensive, but so worth it – when we go, we always forget the menu and ask the bar staff to recommend their own, but all the classics are all there if you don’t feel like going rogue (just be prepared for a disapproving look when you dare ask for a mojito).

I haven’t had the chance to eat there, but as the bar is located right in the middle of the restaurant, I would still recommend getting dinner. The atmosphere is great, there’s always a nice mix of work groups, families, couples, friends and all the food looks amazing. Also, despite the introduction to this post, the view is pretty spectacular, albeit grey.

The next stop isn’t far away. All through summer (even though it doesn’t feel like it will ever BE summer), there will be a Pimm’s stall outside the Festival Hall with plenty of tables for after-work drinks, dates and post-show chats. One of the best things for me about sitting out on the Southbank (weather permitting, of course) is watching all the runners slogging past as you sip on your fruit infused, ice-cold jug of cocktail. HA.

Queen of Hoxton

In Day to Day on April 18, 2011 at 8:56 am



This has been the longest weekend for me. Starting with a night out on Friday, I followed it up on Saturday with a trip to The Queen of Hoxton for a friend’s birthday. We arrived at around half eight and went straight up to the rooftop garden (for the launch night), which was understandably packed due to the good weather we have had recently. The East London pub has a large ground floor for clubbing and a recently renovated garden, from the same people behind The Book Club, read my review here to see why I had some high expectations!

Despite the amazing location and the fantastic company, the rooftop bar let down the standards considerably. To be fair to the team, the small Rum shack bar only allowed for a couple of people to work behind it, resulting in a twenty minute wait for any drinks. Add to this bottles of Beck’s that had passed their sell by date, no crushed ice, an empty cider keg and no coke post-mix, it became difficult to sympathise.

Overall, this was a great place to go and I am prepared to overlook a poorly prepared bar as something that is easily rectified. The views, fountain in the middle, strings of lights and cool decor makes this bar a definite place for anyone to try out for cooling down during the summer months.

I rounded off my weekend of fun with the London Marathon (watching not running) and as usual, I watched it in Greenwich. At around the seven mile mark, it is a good place to see people when they need the motivation of a loud crowd to keep them going once tiredness starts to set in!