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All aboard the Big Red Bus

In Day to Day on October 28, 2012 at 5:23 pm


And I’m not talking about one of those sightseeing tour buses. The Big Red pizza bus is the antithesis of a London bus: it’s fun, it’s relaxed, you have s-p-a-c-e and you don’t have to pay to get on it. Oh, and it doesn’t go anywhere.

Selling pizzas, beer and delicious mojitos this place is definitely one you should add to your list should you find yourself in the area. Too often, I get so bored with the chain restaurants in Blackheath and Greenwich and this is a good alternative, tucked away at the end of Creek Road next to The Bird’s Nest.

I’ve already written a post about the best pizzas in London, and I’m annoyed I hadn’t discovered these ones when I wrote it. They are delicious. Not too thick and they don’t skimp on toppings (although I’ve read reviews that say each time you go the toppings on the pizzas change – I think this is a good thing but I suppose if you order something once, you’d expect it to be the same the next time you order it).

It’s cheap, too – an average meal with a drink and side/starter comes in just over a tenner. Try the Flamenco, which has Italian chorizo and lumps of morcilla, which is like black pudding – they’ve also got Meantime beer, side salads and a selection of desserts. The one thing on the menu I wouldn’t recommend is the bread and dipping oil, simply because you don’t get enough.

I was pleased to see that there’s room for loads of people in the number 30, which is good now the weather’s turned colder, but their outdoor area is covered in awning with lots of comfy sofas and blankets for the braver among us.

The location is what does it for me. Although Deptford is enjoying a bit of a regeneration at the moment, there are still parts of it that belong on Derelict London and by being situated underneath the DLR, on a main road, the area occupied by Big Red feels random and totally out-of-the-way. Actually I tell a lie, the mojitos are what do it for me…

I’m even more likely to go back now I know there are plans to park a truck next to it and to create a cinema.


How to enjoy the Thames

In Day to Day on May 27, 2012 at 10:21 pm


Ah, the Thames… I’ve got a massive problem with it.

Featured in so many films as a romantic river, meandering innocently through London, it’s not what it seems. Cutting our city in half, it creates the North/South divide whilst at the same time makes getting from one side to the other at the end of any ‘I’ve-had-a-night-that-lasted-past-the-last-train’ nigh on impossible.

Films particularly guilty of making the one of the country’s dirtiest rivers look more exciting/dramatic/interesting/romantic than it is include Love Actually, James Bond and 28 Days Later. So… how to make the most it?

Here are some photos of what it is not like…

Go to the Southbank and visit the Festival Hall. While you’re there, stop off at Skylon and drink loads of their delicious cocktails. They’re expensive, but so worth it – when we go, we always forget the menu and ask the bar staff to recommend their own, but all the classics are all there if you don’t feel like going rogue (just be prepared for a disapproving look when you dare ask for a mojito).

I haven’t had the chance to eat there, but as the bar is located right in the middle of the restaurant, I would still recommend getting dinner. The atmosphere is great, there’s always a nice mix of work groups, families, couples, friends and all the food looks amazing. Also, despite the introduction to this post, the view is pretty spectacular, albeit grey.

The next stop isn’t far away. All through summer (even though it doesn’t feel like it will ever BE summer), there will be a Pimm’s stall outside the Festival Hall with plenty of tables for after-work drinks, dates and post-show chats. One of the best things for me about sitting out on the Southbank (weather permitting, of course) is watching all the runners slogging past as you sip on your fruit infused, ice-cold jug of cocktail. HA.

Hotel Drinking

In Day to Day on May 20, 2011 at 9:37 pm


Hotel drinking always reminds me of New York / Los Angeles based drama series’ – they are places of luxury, where dodgy deals are cut in the most sumptuous of surroundings, where the night can carry on in the penthouse suite, where Julia Roberts made us cry in Pretty Woman…where so much of the good stuff happens in Gossip Girl (Chuck Bass – the shows token villain with a heart is in fact a hotelier himself) – they are about secrets and breaking away from normal life.

Chuck's Hotel

I may be slightly romanticising things so in the name of informative journalism, I will follow up my extensive knowledge of trashy films with a review. The Intercontinental Park Lane was the venue for a close friends birthday party over the weekend. Without the stuffy, fancy feelings of the Ritz or Savoy, it manages to mix ultimate luxury with a modern, relevant style. When we went, the bartenders at the Arch Bar were preparing for a cocktail competition and allowed us to sample their efforts. My favourite was most definitely the Chilli Mojito, which was the perfect mix of rum, lime and mint with the added kick of spice.

We also drank Champagne, wine and specially prepared passion fruit shots which were absolutely delicious. What I liked most about the venue was how accommodating all of the staff were – the service was absolutely impeccable and I would definitely return here if I happened to be in the area again (not very likely but it could happen!).

Read more about the Arch Bar here.

Village East

In Day to Day on April 4, 2011 at 2:27 pm


Yesterday I met a friend from work at this brasserie bar and thought it was worthy of a post for how nice it was. I tend to have a problem with lots of bars in london – too loud, too quiet, too expensive, too suity, music too loud…etc, etc. Aside from clearly turning into an old lady who can’t stand anything, my review of Village East follows…

I arrived first, and rather than feeling awkward, I felt immediately welcomed by the staff. A wine drinker, the selection was good and reasonable – also a mojito drinker, the raspberry one my friend ordered was amazing. The crowd was the typical after-work brigade but the space is big enough that your not all tripping over each other.

All in all the warehouse interior, combined with intimate lighting and multi-level bar/restaurant makes Village East a must for anyone working in the area. Perfect for ‘I know a great little place’ moments!