In Day to Day on January 2, 2012 at 6:04 pm


First of all, this is an apology post/actual ‘What Happens in London’ post. Owing to a hell of a lot of work combined with various annoying setbacks, I have been rather slack (read: totally awful) at posting recently. BUT…do not fear! I will be ignoring all the rules of sensible blog practice and posting round the clock, clogging up your screens.

Once it gets to Christmas I’m quite glad that I no longer work near Oxford Street and we have some distance between us. Just thinking of how busy it is over the whole of November and December makes me panic. Although I think that the festive season should be shoehorned neatly into four weeks of eating, drinking and pretending to like people that you don’t, it always overflows into a large chunk of November, easing us into 25 days of non-stop advertising and Mariah. Selfridges take it to new levels and installed their Christmas shop in their basement this July. Full of glitter, decorations and expensive baubles it is every Christmas eccentrics dream.

Apart from a hellishly busy Christmas shop, Selfridges have had many other amazing things happen to them this year. One of the most exciting is when they opened a branch of Swedish export Monki on the ground floor. A strict secret among those in the know for years, the high street chain is owned by retail giant H&M, and carries a brilliant range of simple, well designed and cut clothes. Clothes that when people ask where you got a top, you could smugly reply that you can’t buy it in the UK. A sort of middle ground between H&M and COS, the opening was met with a mixture of grumpiness (now everyone is in on it) and excitement from most of my friends.

Third up in my run-down of Selfridges memories and general love, is the Bompas and Parr moat that was installed on the rooftop of the department store earlier this year. The photos are my favourite part, as the stunt is so visually appealing but apparently those who did manage to get tickets were cold and a bit confused as the experience was a slightly dull, very rocky boat ride. Check out their website for other amazing projects, like their jelly creations.


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