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Pelton Pub Crawl

In Day to Day on January 10, 2012 at 11:29 pm


January is pretty dull. Everyone has resolutions to drink less, spend nothing and generally moan their way through the month. My resolution is different, allowing me to drink AND not feel guilty spending a little bit of money. It’s not really a resolution as such, more a task I’ve set myself and it is this: STOP GOING OUT TO THE SAME PLACES ALL THE TIME AND NOT LET EVERY WEEEKEND OF THE YEAR ROLL INTO ONE.

I realise that this has always been the general premise of this blog, but although I have discovered many fantastic places in London since starting it, I’ve also revisited plenty of mediocre ones through sheer laziness.

One new place, which is local BUT I have never been to is The Pelton Arms. Tucked away in the less popular East side of Greenwich, it is the perfect starting point for a mini pub crawl, or somewhere to spend the whole night. Inside it’s cosy, friendly and reminds me a little of The Morden Arms but on a larger scale. The drink selection is good, for me, the wine list extends past red/white/dry/sweet and for beer drinkers there’s a nice selection of ales plus Greenwich Meantime brews on tap.

I didn’t eat when I went (on a Friday night) but I’ve heard repeatedly that the food is excellent with the expected pub gastropub dishes and a full roast on Sundays. They have an extensive events calendar which ranges from knitting to live band nights, which provide much needed (and inexpensive) ways to fill up your evenings during the week. Unfortunately when I visited the Pelton, it was within a much wider Greenwich pub crawl, but I wish I had spend more time there and will definitely be returning. Next up, the Cutty Sark Tavern…

…which was closed for refurbishment, so despite protests from me, the next stop was The Trafalgar Tavern. The Traf does boast some of the best views of the Thames and is one of the oldest pubs in London, but other than that, the food is awful, the service is worse and the whole place is poorly cared for and looked after. Next up…The Gypsy Moth…

A good one for the summer, it has a good garden but is a tourist trap owing to it’s convenient location just outside the Cutty Sark DLR and next to Greenwich Market. They’ve got a quiz night I think, an OK selection of lagers and lots of seating available – the only thing that pisses me off about the place is the service – go in any time, any day, any month, any weather and no matter how busy it is, it will still generally take 20 minutes to get served. It doesn’t help that they insist on permanently closing half of their bar so there’s a big blob of people waiting to get served in the most awkward part of the pub, right next to the toilets and around a massive pole.

Never order food here, I have been told this numerous times but thought I’d try it last month after traipsing round Greenwich and deciding against noodles, Pizza Express and McDonalds. I just wanted something quick and tasty – so myself and a friend both ordered burgers. We were the only people eating, and the kitchen hatch was in plain view. 40 minutes later, no food had arrived. When we went to the bar, there was an awkward conversation between the bar staff where it transpired that our order hadn’t even made it as far as the kitchen. They did apologise and give us a refund but still, NEVER order food in The Gypsy. We ended up in McDonalds and waited 2 minutes.



In Day to Day on January 2, 2012 at 6:04 pm


First of all, this is an apology post/actual ‘What Happens in London’ post. Owing to a hell of a lot of work combined with various annoying setbacks, I have been rather slack (read: totally awful) at posting recently. BUT…do not fear! I will be ignoring all the rules of sensible blog practice and posting round the clock, clogging up your screens.

Once it gets to Christmas I’m quite glad that I no longer work near Oxford Street and we have some distance between us. Just thinking of how busy it is over the whole of November and December makes me panic. Although I think that the festive season should be shoehorned neatly into four weeks of eating, drinking and pretending to like people that you don’t, it always overflows into a large chunk of November, easing us into 25 days of non-stop advertising and Mariah. Selfridges take it to new levels and installed their Christmas shop in their basement this July. Full of glitter, decorations and expensive baubles it is every Christmas eccentrics dream.

Apart from a hellishly busy Christmas shop, Selfridges have had many other amazing things happen to them this year. One of the most exciting is when they opened a branch of Swedish export Monki on the ground floor. A strict secret among those in the know for years, the high street chain is owned by retail giant H&M, and carries a brilliant range of simple, well designed and cut clothes. Clothes that when people ask where you got a top, you could smugly reply that you can’t buy it in the UK. A sort of middle ground between H&M and COS, the opening was met with a mixture of grumpiness (now everyone is in on it) and excitement from most of my friends.

Third up in my run-down of Selfridges memories and general love, is the Bompas and Parr moat that was installed on the rooftop of the department store earlier this year. The photos are my favourite part, as the stunt is so visually appealing but apparently those who did manage to get tickets were cold and a bit confused as the experience was a slightly dull, very rocky boat ride. Check out their website for other amazing projects, like their jelly creations.