Piggin’ Good

In Day to Day on July 6, 2011 at 7:40 pm


The Fentiman Arms was an inspired choice last night for an after work drink up/leaving drinks/summer party/any-excuse. Located just down the road from the Oval, I feel that it is one of those lesser known boozers that does well by word of mouth in the area rather than being an obvious choice for visitors to the grounds. With a huge decking area, awning shades, night heaters and tartan throws to ward off chills, we stayed outside all evening looking out over the tables on the lower level of the garden (where they also have a second bar for busy nights).

The food, prepared for a group of 15 of us was very porky – scotch eggs (which were delicious), mini sausages covered in wholegrain mustard, pork pies and sausage rolls – I suspect there was a pig farm behind the beer garden or, more likely, someone had royally messed up the food order last week. My joke request for a side of bacon rashers went down like a lead balloon.

However, the food was really good and we did get some olives and chips thrown in to provide some variety on the pig theme for the evening. Drinks were jugs of elderflower martinis, Pimm’s (complete with all the right fruits) and bottles of Prosecco; the service was professional, friendly and quick. The main reason I am recommending it is that good pubs with outdoor areas to match the inside bar are a rarity in London (it’s usually one or the other…or neither) so The Fentiman is definitely onto a winner this summer with its offering of both to such high standards.

There was a nice crowd in, mainly after workers on their way home, but also a fair few couples and small famililes, which created a nice mix. It’s one of those places where you walk past outside and hear the ‘pub-laughter’ from the garden and instantly wish you were on the other side, glass in hand. Before I put anyone off, I noticed, actually, that we were the only table to have been dished up the cast of Babe.

  1. Hello, I’m so happy that I found your site. We travel through London every couple of years and now I have an insider’s view. My husband would have loved that dinner. He loves scotch eggs and those look beautifully cooked and delicious. I’ll be returning often.

  2. […] area on Saturday night was really pleasant, and oh-so civilised but a just a little cold (read my Pig Post for warm outdoor eating tips). The Pleasantville moment was however shattered by an […]

  3. Hi!
    Thanks Kate, I’m really glad that you like it – it’s especially nice to get feedback from visitors to the city. If you’ve any suggestions of where What Happens should go next, let me know! p.s. Those schotch eggs were brilliant!

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