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In Day to Day on June 20, 2011 at 9:05 pm


I think I’ll be facing a lynching when I say this but…I have never understood the appeal of Nando’s. After trying numerous times to embrace the chicken revolution and get on board with collecting chicken points following comments like this – ‘I’ve managed to save up half a chicken’ (my sister), I just don’t really rate the food that much. I finally became a fully fledged chicken aficionado on Saturday…

Perfect jerk seasoning, huge steaks, whole fish and enough chickens to last a lifetime were on offer at the Carrib-Inn on Saturday. Sandwiched between estate agents, hairdressers and kebab shops, the restaurant/bar is easy to miss – I’ve lived in Greenwich most of my life and it took a friends birthday party to get me to try it (it has been open for around two years).

The birthday party was downstairs, outside in the small area where we had a classic barrel barbeque stuffed full with meats and fish, enough to feed over 50 people for 8 hours. The jerk seasoning is perfect and the chicken is neither dry nor stringy – I am of the opinion that if you are vegetarian you should not attend a barbeque but for my plus one, Miss Emily, there were yummy veggi patties and potato salad. However, as the world’s worst vegetarian she polished off 2 steaks and a plate of chicken.

The basement bar doubles as a small dance floor, and as with all family parties, the only people running across it chasing each other were the children but I imagine it does get busy on non-private event nights. The restaurant upstairs serves a range of authentic dishes including braised oxtail, stews and house fish specialities and everyone who works there is so friendly that you are halfway through your order before even looking at the menu.

I cannot recommend the food here enough, although it is slightly out of the way of Greenwich town centre, it is worth the journey.

Visit their website here.

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