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My Dog Ate Your Train

In Day to Day on June 23, 2011 at 9:50 pm


This isn’t so much as a place to go in London, more of a general problem that surrounds getting anywhere that you want to go. I know that moaning about travel has been done to death and that we are plagued morning (thankyou Metro) and evening (over to you, Evening Standard) by various updates and comments on the horrific situation we now face. One of my favourite pieces has to be that on average 30% of us take longer journeys simply because of a misleading and outdated tube map that was designed well over eighty years ago.

My gripe isn’t the congested conditions, expensive fares or even the long waits…it is the numerous excuses we are provided by TfL in lieu of their failings. If I repeatedly did a bad job or turned up late to work, I am quite sure that my employers would not accept variations on a couple of standard excuses for my behaviour – ‘Hi, I know I was late yesterday, and that I didn’t do any work at all the day before, but you see the thing is that on the first day my alarm clock didn’t go off, and on the second day my alarm clock didn’t go off and today my alarm clock broke’. Yet, we are forced to accept that ‘leaves are on the line’, ‘signal failure’, ‘overcrowding’ and even ‘undercrowding’ (ok, I made the last one up) are problems that have remained unsolvable for over a decade.

Moan over, this weekend will be a busy one for What Happens in London. Friday night will start with drinks in Oval and end in Clapham (I really really hope that this time, it will not end in Infernos). Saturday night promises to be a good’un as I meet up with friends I have seen in months for a jolly in Stoke Newington – am thinking about the Moustache Bar after rave reviews from a colleague, or even the TOWIE night at Proud2 in the O2…but either way they’ll be plenty of writing material for the next week!


Judah and Zula’s

In Day to Day on June 20, 2011 at 9:05 pm


I think I’ll be facing a lynching when I say this but…I have never understood the appeal of Nando’s. After trying numerous times to embrace the chicken revolution and get on board with collecting chicken points following comments like this – ‘I’ve managed to save up half a chicken’ (my sister), I just don’t really rate the food that much. I finally became a fully fledged chicken aficionado on Saturday…

Perfect jerk seasoning, huge steaks, whole fish and enough chickens to last a lifetime were on offer at the Carrib-Inn on Saturday. Sandwiched between estate agents, hairdressers and kebab shops, the restaurant/bar is easy to miss – I’ve lived in Greenwich most of my life and it took a friends birthday party to get me to try it (it has been open for around two years).

The birthday party was downstairs, outside in the small area where we had a classic barrel barbeque stuffed full with meats and fish, enough to feed over 50 people for 8 hours. The jerk seasoning is perfect and the chicken is neither dry nor stringy – I am of the opinion that if you are vegetarian you should not attend a barbeque but for my plus one, Miss Emily, there were yummy veggi patties and potato salad. However, as the world’s worst vegetarian she polished off 2 steaks and a plate of chicken.

The basement bar doubles as a small dance floor, and as with all family parties, the only people running across it chasing each other were the children but I imagine it does get busy on non-private event nights. The restaurant upstairs serves a range of authentic dishes including braised oxtail, stews and house fish specialities and everyone who works there is so friendly that you are halfway through your order before even looking at the menu.

I cannot recommend the food here enough, although it is slightly out of the way of Greenwich town centre, it is worth the journey.

Visit their website here.

Massive Omelette?

In Day to Day on June 5, 2011 at 10:09 pm


A good place for meeting halfway, I always choose Borough Market/Southbank for seeing people who live the dreaded north of the river. Such an occasion cropped up last weekend with an old friend who has moved up to London recently. It’s important to choose the right day and time to go to the market. We did neither of these.

Today would have been perfect. Miserable, rainy days are the days that the tourists go to museums and galleries so get up there on the days where it is nigh on impossible to leave the house without going swimming at the same time. The earlier the better.

One of the best (and worst) parts of the market is the free samples. It’s good because you can try lots of different things – a hell of a lot of olive, truffle, sesame, linseed and any other oil you can think of, cheeses, breads, little biscuits, olives, pestos…you get the idea. However, it is really bad because the charm of trying things, chatting to the store owners and really feeling like you are exploring new tastes and being guided towards the best choice, is totally lost. So many people turn up expecting to eat their way from stall to stall that it almost becomes a free-for-all grab what you can without really engaging with the products.

Moan over, we did get  some amazing food. Free range burgers, with blue veined cheese and pickle/chutney were £4.50 each, and delicious washed down with rose wine sprtizersr! We also sampled some really good truffle oil on artisan bread, and chocolates for dessert. The last thing we passed before heading to The Southwark Tavern for a quick white wine was the biggest egg in the world; an ostrich egg, the stall were selling them as ‘sharing eggs’, so if I ever have 14 people stay over at mine, I now know what I’m cooking them for breakfast. If you want one, they are sold in Waitrose too, and take an hour and a half to boil.