Hotel Drinking

In Day to Day on May 20, 2011 at 9:37 pm


Hotel drinking always reminds me of New York / Los Angeles based drama series’ – they are places of luxury, where dodgy deals are cut in the most sumptuous of surroundings, where the night can carry on in the penthouse suite, where Julia Roberts made us cry in Pretty Woman…where so much of the good stuff happens in Gossip Girl (Chuck Bass – the shows token villain with a heart is in fact a hotelier himself) – they are about secrets and breaking away from normal life.

Chuck's Hotel

I may be slightly romanticising things so in the name of informative journalism, I will follow up my extensive knowledge of trashy films with a review. The Intercontinental Park Lane was the venue for a close friends birthday party over the weekend. Without the stuffy, fancy feelings of the Ritz or Savoy, it manages to mix ultimate luxury with a modern, relevant style. When we went, the bartenders at the Arch Bar were preparing for a cocktail competition and allowed us to sample their efforts. My favourite was most definitely the Chilli Mojito, which was the perfect mix of rum, lime and mint with the added kick of spice.

We also drank Champagne, wine and specially prepared passion fruit shots which were absolutely delicious. What I liked most about the venue was how accommodating all of the staff were – the service was absolutely impeccable and I would definitely return here if I happened to be in the area again (not very likely but it could happen!).

Read more about the Arch Bar here.


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