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In Day to Day on May 10, 2011 at 12:13 pm

(Written on Friday)

London in the sunshine seems to have a interesting effect on people. Let me fill you in…at the moment I am sitting outside the George Inn with a pal and a glass of white wine. It is the beginning of the first proper weekend for three weeks and I am definitely welcoming it with open arms. Perhaps not as much as the group next to us who have just cheer’sd to ‘Summertime!’…British enthusiasm at it’s best.

The George Inn is an institution. Everyone who lives in London has probably heard of it or been to it at some point. Right next to London Bridge and a stones throw from Borough Market it unsurprisingly attracts it’s fair share of sightseeers and day trippers.

More seating outside would be good, although to be honest I don’t know how they would fit it in, but other than that, for a pub in central London, in the summertime, the George ain’t doing that badly. The Ship in Wandsworth has exactly the same problem, if a pub is halfway decent with a spacious beer garden, then by half six on a work day evening it is bound to be totally rammed.

Food is below par, but not expensive and the wait is not long. A large and rather nice glass of wine is £4.85 and the larger/ale list is decent.

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