Queen of Hoxton

In Day to Day on April 18, 2011 at 8:56 am



This has been the longest weekend for me. Starting with a night out on Friday, I followed it up on Saturday with a trip to The Queen of Hoxton for a friend’s birthday. We arrived at around half eight and went straight up to the rooftop garden (for the launch night), which was understandably packed due to the good weather we have had recently. The East London pub has a large ground floor for clubbing and a recently renovated garden, from the same people behind The Book Club, read my review here to see why I had some high expectations!

Despite the amazing location and the fantastic company, the rooftop bar let down the standards considerably. To be fair to the team, the small Rum shack bar only allowed for a couple of people to work behind it, resulting in a twenty minute wait for any drinks. Add to this bottles of Beck’s that had passed their sell by date, no crushed ice, an empty cider keg and no coke post-mix, it became difficult to sympathise.

Overall, this was a great place to go and I am prepared to overlook a poorly prepared bar as something that is easily rectified. The views, fountain in the middle, strings of lights and cool decor makes this bar a definite place for anyone to try out for cooling down during the summer months.

I rounded off my weekend of fun with the London Marathon (watching not running) and as usual, I watched it in Greenwich. At around the seven mile mark, it is a good place to see people when they need the motivation of a loud crowd to keep them going once tiredness starts to set in!



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