The sun’s out…let’s all go to Greenwich!

In Day to Day on April 10, 2011 at 6:28 pm


Every year it is the same. The sun comes out and thousands of people descend on Greenwich to enjoy the weather. As nice as this is, it’s too crowded for me (and others I have spoken to),  so I’ve put together an alternative guide to seek out the places off the beaten track and enjoy your beer without having to protect it viciously from spillage.

For drinking…pubs towards the Deptford side of Greenwich are your best bet for getting a seat. Try the Morden. Very local and the wine list is ‘red or white’ but for a relaxed, friendly atmosphere it can’t be beat! Just around the corner you’ll find The Greenwich Union, which is always quite busy but for good reason. Their selection of beers is vast and the food is restaurant quality (try the Cherry Beer and the paella). Also, they acquired a new site, The Old Brewery on the University of Greenwich campus last year, which is brilliant.

For eating…if you don’t fancy The Greenwich Union, The Saigon restaurant does delicious Vietnamese food at the same prices as the far more substandard Tai Won Mein, and Noodle House (all three are in central Greenwich but most tend to head for the two latter choices). The food court in the indoor market is brilliant – I recommend the Churros, the Chicken Karage  stall (get there early, they always run out) and the two blokes cooking up huge pans of Nigerian food. However, unless you arrive very early I would avoid the whole indoor market as there is barely room to breath once it hits midday.

  1. Aileen Duffy: You can also try The Ashburnham Arms, The Guildford and The Hill for quieter places to drink!

  2. […] getting sunny, I started seeing lots of people pouring into Greenwich and I subsequently posted an article on alternative places to seek out a decent drink, seat and meal in the […]

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