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In Day to Day on March 30, 2011 at 2:56 pm


Proud opened its doors a few weeks ago to those on the search for a new Matter (which closed down last year). Owned by the same people who own Proud Galleries in Camden, I was expected big things. Unfortunately, it was a slight let down. Unable to match the lineups secured by Matter, the music was ok, not great and the drinks were very expensive. However, the smoking area makes up for all failings. It is breathtaking, literally taking you away from the o2 it features decking, plants, beds and parnaromic views across London.

Although it is not the superclub it wants to be, the circus, Las Vegas feel to the new venue makes it different and fresh. Well worth a visit on a good line up.

Vegetarians should look away now

In Day to Day on March 23, 2011 at 3:23 pm


Whisperings and mutterings of ‘that burger thing in New Cross’ or ‘the meat place in Deptford‘ have not escaped my notice over the last month or so. Never one to be left out of anything, this Tuesday, myself and a companion made our way (on the 177 from Greenwich) to the Meatwagon – supposedly serving some of London’s best burgers. Any foodie who has a twitter account would probably recognise the wagon’s Meateasy hashtag that has been used to spread the word as most of the Meatwagon’s hype and publicity has come from it’s clever marketing on Twitter and die hard meat enthusiasts.

Anyway, a little history for you. The Meatwagon is a pop up above the Goldsmiths Tavern, New Cross. Last year, it was an actual wagon, well, burger van, and owner Yanni was enjoying the success that the fresh burgers and hot dogs gave him as he drove round (mainly South) London. Unfortunately, the van was stolen at the end of the year, and despite offers of a reward, is yet to be found… Cue the meateasy pop up. Raising money for a new van, the pop up has everything that the van had, plus triple cooked chips and macaroni cheese.

We arrived at the door at around half seven, it says in scrawly paint ‘well done, you’ve found it’. Up a dark fire exit staircase, nothing is looking very promising and its very quiet, hmmmm. When we reach the top, paint scribbled here, there and everywhere points us in the direction of where we want to go. Opening the door, music, meat smells, and chatter attacks our senses and we are given our raffle tickets (152 and 153), and told that it would be at least an hour before we could eat, we can order three things each and to feel free to have a drink at the bar.

After waiting over an hour and a half for the food, we were somewhat doubting whether the quality would match up to the long wait. We needn’t have worried. We got: Bacon Cheese Burger, Hot Chilli Cheese Burger, Onion Rings and Fries and didn’t really say a word to each other until everything had been finished. Burgers, made with ‘chuck steak’ and minced daily, were juicy, rough and just on the right side of drippy, and the melted cheese was neither overpowering nor dull, perfectly plastic. The freshly baked-that-day bun did it’s job of soaking up the juices from the burger and generally acting as a buffer for all the various bits and juices spilling out from the sides.

Onion rings are hard to get right, either they are all about the batter where the whole ring comes out of the case on first bite, or they are the new breed of onion ring with weird onion pulp inside so the onion remains in tact throughout the eating process. Meateasy’s were perfect, the batter stuck to the (real, not pulped) onion ring the whole way around. Plus, they were giant and as I shoved them down my mouth; as they come in odd numbers of 5, all that was on my mind while eating was to get to the last one before my friend did.

This is no-frills dining at its finest. Despite the long wait, the haphazard raffle system and slightly unglamorous environment, owner Yianni Papoutsis is onto a winner because the food makes up for all of this – delicious meat and a thoroughly enjoyable experience owing to the fantastic atmosphere and packed to the rafters space.

Rootin’, Tootin’ and Hootin’ Jive

In Day to Day on March 18, 2011 at 1:13 pm


So, this weekend I am going to go jive dancing, or at least attempt it. Every month the Rivoli do dancing and drinks and it is almost always sold out. For March, The Cadillac Kings will be providing live music and as usual there will be dance classes and DJs.


Nancy Spero

In Day to Day on March 17, 2011 at 3:52 pm


See the pieces that chartered a journey between art and activism in this posthumous exhibition celebrating Nancy Spero’s 50 year career, following her death in 2009. It includes epic works such as Azur, 2003, which reflects perfectly her political engagement and dynamic imagination. Runs until May 2 2011.

Revolutions is 15

In Day to Day on March 7, 2011 at 9:38 pm


Any of the Revolutions’ millions of bars will do for this one, but Clapham is the one I have been to (bar a very bad night in Nottingham about two years ago). Clapham is always good for a bit of a bar crawl, it is far enough away from central London to escape the Leicester Square vibe in many of the ‘clubs’, READ: £20 to get in and listening to a NOW Hits Megamix. So, this weekend vodka emporium Revolutions is 15 years old and they are celebrating by throwing a 90’s themed party involving lots of vodka. Perfect for a night out with the girlies, and if you want the Megamix you can always go to Infernos afterwards.

Bring your puffa jacket. 

Go to their website for more information.

The haircut that defined the 90s...

Wellcome Image Awards

In Day to Day on March 7, 2011 at 9:17 pm


The two worlds of science and media collide in the Wellcome Image Awards which recognises the most visually striking, technically excellent and informative pictures among recent acquisitions to their picture library. Picked by a team of editors, scientists, writers and broadcasters the 21 winners have been selected from over 180 long-listed images. This exhibition will present intriguing, beautiful images including a microscopic image of a honeybee and a reconstructed CT scan of an aneurism. Runs until 10 July 2011.

Miranda Donovan

In Day to Day on March 3, 2011 at 6:18 pm


Contrasting with her recent preoccupation with all things exterior, Miranda Donovan brings the viewer into the world of the interior in this exhibition of over 25 works. Merging squalor, filth and decay with decadence and opulence, she uses her traditional graffiti’d 3D canvases to create pieces of political and social satire laced with black humour. A departure from her traditional brick backdrops, these new pieces present defaced and moulding twee-patterned wallpaper and cracked bathroom tiling. Runs until March 26 2011.