Deptford Project

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Often ignored, and often for good reason, Deptford is a small south east london area nestled between the more upmarket greenwich and the arguably worse off Lewisham/New Cross. with a train station, DLR and bus links is ridiculously easy to get to but still gets forgotten.  Perhaps due to the shabby shops, the falling apart houses and the dingy cafes and a complete lack of placees to go in the evening, it is definately due some sort of revival.

The Deptford project is certainly a step in the right direction. It is an arts, music and film hub complete with a listed train carriage which has been cleverly transformed into a cafe by Studio Myerscroft. They have held many sucessful event nights over 2010 including a Rocky Horror Picture and a Clockwork Orange show evening, where the audience were seated in front of the screen (on bales of hay and redesigned crate packaging) and underneath the amazing pink fabric umbrellas made from old parachutes.

Love Train

Outdoor Cinema

Creekside is home to the Laban Dance Centre, a beautiful building which you pass on the train between Greenwich and Deptford. Designed by Swiss architects, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron it was opened in 2003 and won the Stirling prize for architecture in the same year. It is made of semi translucent, faintly coloured cladding and becomes brightly lit up in the evening giving the structure an almost ethereal quality.

If you do decide to pay a visit you should go on market day, Wednesday morning, to have a browse through a wide ranging number of stalls. On the main street there are people selling clothes, food, and everything else you would expect from a small-ish market. However, ‘magazine man’ is quite unique. With a pitch to the left of the main market, he sells almost every single magazine you could imagine from back issues of Dazed and Confused to last weeks edition of Knitting Today. Always busy, he attracts art students, re-sellers, dealers and many others owing to his suprsingly cheap prices. Last time I was there I picked up 6 glossy magazines (Vogue, Dazed and Confused, Another Magazine and 2 i-D’s and Bloom), published in the last two months,  for £6.

In terms of places to eat or drink, there is the Deptford Project cafe, which does a good fair trade coffee and The Bird’s Nest pub has live music almost every single weekend and attracts a good mix of people from all over South East London.

Laban Dance Centre


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